People in the City Don’t Smile

I’ve been working in downtown LA for two weeks now! USC Hybrid High School, the school I teach at, is located in the New Downtown district. I take the metro to work. I walk next to men with briefcases. I teach in the World Trade Center. Because I love people watching, my life has turned into one massive, people watching adventure. I wrote this on my way to work this morning. More to come soon hopefully!


The People in the City Don’t Smile

The people in the city don’t smile.

They tap on screens and don’t look up.

They run on ticking hands.

They work in the buildings where stairs don’t stop,

and they never think about coming down.


The people in the city are shiny:

their shoes, their hair, their cars.

They walk with a cause. 

They never hit pause.

To breathe or rest or dream.


The people in the city don’t notice.

Their gaze goes forward and up.

They move around, 

Don’t make a sound,

Their eyes will never meet.


The people in the city don’t smile.

I think they forgot how to play.

They rush and they work

and they wear collared shirts,

They make home seem like oceans away.



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What 500 Days Can Bring

It is truly amazing what can happen in just over a year. With so much changing as I enter into the fall, I sat back today and thought about all that has happened within the last 500 days. I thought it may be a good way to kick off my new blog, so here is a peek into my life as of late.

Within the past 500 days I have…

– Travelled to Ecuador

– Graduated with two bachelors degrees

– Had 10 different roommates

– LIved in two different houses

– Spent three months without a permanent home

– Taught summer school in Watts

– Started graduate school at Loyola Marymount University

– Climbed the tallest mountain in the continental United States

– Started working as a high school Special Education teacher

– Taken care of a baby during his first few months of life

– Taken care of a grandmother during her last few weeks

– Enjoyed a “semester off”

– Started my career

– Become a part of a community

– Climbed the 6 major peaks of SoCal

– Started going to a new church and Bible study

…And seen God move in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I stand in gratitude and joy as I look back over the past 500 days of life that have shaped me, challenged me, grown me, stretched me and reminded me how truly faithful the Father has been to me. To all of you that have blessed me with your grace and presence this year, I am incredibly thankful for who you are and who you have been. I look forward to all that is to come and to keeping you updated on all that the Lord is doing. Bless and be blessed.


Grace and Peace,




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